Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heart 2 Heart Top 10

I was so happy to learn I one of my projects was featured on the CTMH challenge page for the month of March. Below is a picture of one of the shadow boxes I entered in the home decor challenge week. I was pleased with it and was thrilled the H2H team liked it as well. Check out the complete entry at the following link.

Although, I really can't take complete credit for it. I was inspired very much by the altered clipboard I made at Creative University. Thanks Denise Anderson Turley for the inspiration and for teaching me to make this awesome piece of artwork at CU. I am sure you can see the similarities.

Make sure you check out all the top 10 by clicking on the badge at the lower right hand side of my blog.

Thanks again H2H!!



Tresa Black said...

Congratulations Amy! Love it!

Amy Gehring said...

Awesome! This was my favorite project at CU. Still need to get a picture on it though! :) You did a great job recreating it in the shadow box.