Tuesday, May 29, 2012

June Scrappy Creations Class

June's Scrappy Creations Class
June 14th at 7PM
Create two fun scrapbook layouts using CTMH's Cruisin' Paper Pack.

The following Close to My Heart supplies will be used to created these layouts.  
Cruisin' Paper Pack $9.95 (X7154B)

Neutral Baker's Twine $4.95 (Z1701)

If you would like to attend this class, please select which kit you would like to purchase and RSVP to me no later than Sunday, June 3rd.  
Kit 1 ($11.63)- Cruisin' Paper Pack
Kit 5 (19.41)- Crusin' Paper Pack, Mini Medley Black Accessories, plus enough bakers twine and chip board banner shapes to complete both layouts completely.

Don't live in the area?  You may still participate in this class from afar.  Simply order the Cruisin' Paper Pack from my website with any of the accessories above and I will send you a complete cutting guide and instructions to complete these fun layouts.  You must make a minimum order of the paper pack in order to receive the instructions.

This will be the last Scrappy Creations Class until September.  Don't miss out on these fun projects! 

 Stay tuned for more info regarding a card making service project to donate hand crafted/blank cards to US Troops overseas, later this summer.  I have found a great charity that provides troops with cards to send home to family and friends while they are overseas.  I am looking forward to this fun project.  My goal is to create at least 100 cards to donate.  I will need your help to make this happen.  Keep following me for more info soon.

Hope to see you at class in a few weeks!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo Strips

To me scrapbooking is all about the photos.  It is a great way to preserve a special memory and document life.  This week's Heart 2 Heart Challenge was to share a project that incorporates a photo...or my my case many photos.  

Like most moms, I document the 1st day of school heavily.  Pictures getting ready for school, pictures on the front porch, pictures in the car on the way to school and of course pictures at school.  How fun will it be to look back on those first day of school photos and see how my children have grown each and every year?  I just finished creating this fun "Back to School" layout using CTMH's Cruisin' paper pack for my June Scrappy Creations class.  I love the photo strip look and love that I can incorporate all of my photos in the fun, yet not too busy layout.  I think it helps document the day without extensive journaling.     
Don't you just love the fun star embellishments?   The letters from the B&T paper are great to use for titles too.  
Close up of the photo strips.  So fun to see my daughter's different facial expressions.  

I just love this layout and think I will be trying to incorporate more photo strips into my layouts in the near future.  


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Guiding Hand

A mother always gently guides her children throughout all stages of childhood and even on into adulthood, that is why I thought this stamp set would make a perfect Mother's Day card.  I created this card using last year's Pick a Pair Stamp set.  When paired with the Dotty for You papers and the cute bakers twine, it makes for a sweet and simple card.    
Thought this card would be perfect for Heart 2 Heart's Mother's Day Challenge and may even use them to show a little teacher appreciation this week too. 


Friday, May 4, 2012

Everything Rapunzel

For the past week, all things were Rapunzel as we prepared for my daughter's Tangled birthday party.  Our home was filled with music, frying pans, floating lanterns and lots and lots of hair!

In lieu of balloons this year, we decided to add some floating lanterns to the decor.  I was able to purchase those great lanterns at www.justartifacts.net to match the streamers perfectly.  They were a fun addition.     
As the children arrived for the party, they were given either a flower clip or a Flynn Rider belt to wear
With 10+ children attending, it was important to keep them busy and active throughout the party, so while we waited for the all the guests to arrive, the children decorated floating lanterns (purple gift bags) with stickers and jewels to hold their all their prizes and goodies.   
 In addition there was also a paint wall for the kids to paint and decorate just like Rapunzel did her tower.  I found some great Crayola paintbrush markers that work perfect for this activity.  No spills and easy to use. 
After everyone arrived, we started the party with games!
Game 1:  Pin the Hair on the Tower
My daughter decorated the tower with flowers and plants we cut from magazines.  She even added a picture of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.  
The children were blind folded and spun around and given strips of hair to connect Rapunzel to Flynn.  

Game 2:  Dreams
Next we headed to the "Snuggly Duckling" where the children shared their dreams for a special prize. 
Game 3: Snuggly Duckling Freeze Dance. 
While playing the song "I've Got a Dream" the children danced until the music stop where they had to freeze on colored squares on the floor.  There were asked a color related question (i.e. What color is Rapunzel's dress?, What color were the floating lanterns?) and who ever was on the corresponding color got to choose a prize.  To ensure that all children got a prize, our last question was what color is Pascal?  
Game 4: Hair Toss
To master Rapunzel's hair tossing skills the children had to aim and knock over a stack of blocks with her hair (a bath towel).
 Game 6:  Frying Pan Pinata
Instead of using the traditional stick, we used, Rapunzel's choice weapon, a frying pan to hit the pinata.  We had to set up some rules before starting to ensure everyone was safe (a clear boundary  of where children should be while waiting for a turn and to hold the pan with two hands).  This was the children's favorite game and was lots of fun. 
 Game 6:  Floating Lanterns
Using a parachute the children pretended that the yellow balloons were floating lanterns and helped them float  into the air.  This game was so easy, but so fun for the kids. 
 Lastly, we had a nice family dinner and celebration.  At the end of the evening we launched a real floating lantern.  Those can also be found at www.justartifact.net as well.  Even though it wasn't dark it was still fun to set it off.
It was a great day to be a little girl in our home!