Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unicorns???? or Pigs with Party Hats????

I think they look like pigs with party hats, but they were really suppose to be unicorns for my daughter's birthday party this past weekend.
Even though they didn't turn out how I had envisioned them, they were cute none the less and my daughter was thrilled with her "Unicorn Party." She has been wanting and planning this party for at least 2 months, thanks to the Birthday Party Express catalogs we get ages before the actual birth day.

After everyone arrived, each child receive a headband with pony ears and a pony tale. They were unicorns in training and had to earn their "horns," those fun unicorn horn shaped lolly pops, by participating in lots of fun games. They had to learn to gallop like a unicorn.....

Find treasures in a the horn on the unicorn..... and find even more treasures by cracking open a unicorn pinata. It was a magical day!

Dinner was easy with a 3 foot long sub sandwich from the grocery store, star, heart and moon shaped PB and J sandwiches for the kids as well as other treats from the "Unicorn Cloud."

Here's our cute rainbow fruit tray.

The sandwiches, rainbow and cloud fluff (jello and cool whip parfait) and of course unicorn's favorite food, VEGGIES and dip!!!!

Star and unicorn horn pasta salad.

Last of all baby unicorn horns...aka Bugles.

Even though, I secretly wished and tried to persuade my daughter to have a "Tangled/Rapunzel" party, I am glad we went with the theme she truly wanted. It was a great day for everyone.


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Robin said...

What a fun party idea. Love all the activities you came up with. I have an award for you, hop on over to my blog to pick it up.