Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Creative Snacks

This week I was in charge of bringing snacks for my daughter's school.  Being a former Speech Therapist, I was excited to use the "letter and theme of the week" to create some fun and educational snacks.  So, the week before our assigned snack week, I eagerly asked the teacher what the new letter and theme of the week would be.  She told me "L."   "L" as in lion, lizard, leopard, lolly pop........nothing too exciting or healthy!  Why didn't I chose the week before, "P?"  I could have made oh so many fun "pumpkin" treats. 

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to focus on the theme, "Leaves."  I browsed the internet for ideas and was able to come up with a good plan.  Here is one of our favorite snacks we made....... 

Pile of leaves!!!!!!
This cute and ever so simple snack is basically a rice krispy treat made from cornflakes.  After combining 3T melted butter, 4 cups of marshmallows (heated/melted) and 6 cups of corn flakes I just placed "piles" of the mixtured on a slighly greased cookie sheet.  I found it was easier to scoop out the treats after the mixture had had a few minutes to cool.  Don't wait too long or it will become to difficult to seperate into piles. My daughter help to add a few pumpkins to the the "Leave Piles" to get them some color.

This snack was a big hit with both the teachers and the children.  Plus it was easy and quick to make.

TIP OF THE DAY:  Don't be too proud to search the internet for ideas.  There are so many helpful and fun websites to gather information from, why not utilize it.  I would love to say the I am the sole creator of everything I do and make, but really in some way or another, I create from what I have seen or done before.  Therefore I am a constant searcher and idea grabber from anywhere I can get it.

Happy "leaf raking"....and "treat making!"  ;o)


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