Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tradition #6-Not My Favorite Tradition

Tradition #6 is not my favorite and I am not quite sure if it can really be considered a tradition.  But the kids seem love it and it seems to happen at least once every year, so I guess I can call it a tradition.  With all the packages that arrive around the holidays, we have an abundance of boxes and popcorn/"snow".  Every time a box arrives, it is so tempting for the kids to jump inside and throw all the popcorn out, but usually I am quick to stop it before it gets out of hand.  Occasionally I am not quick enough and then we end up having an indoor snowball fight.   
 Bulldozers work great to plow the snow. 
 This snow is so cold you MUST wear a coat of course. 
 It does happen every year, here's the proof.

A different occasion, 2010.
Thankfully the kids are pretty good about picking up the mess, that way Mom only has to be a little cranky. 

We are hoping for a couple inches of snow before Christmas, but if not we will be content with our indoor snow.  


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