Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tradition #9- Preparing for Christmas

The month of December is a special and sacred time in which we can prepare for the arrival of Christ.  It is a great time to read the Bible and remember when Jesus was born in the stable so many years ago.

As part of our advent this year, we read a daily devotional for the book below every night at dinner time.  It is a great resource for parents that has daily devotionals that walk you through the Christmas story, give you a variety of advent activities, questions to discuss and prayers to pray.  We enjoyed our time reading this book and the kids would ask to listen to the advent story every night at dinner.  It was great!      
 Although, we didn't do all the advent activities.  The book was flexible enough that we could pick and chose and do those activities in which we had time and resources for.  Here is R. making a simple tree ornament. 
 As part of the advent we even had a birthday party for Jesus. 
In addition to the advent, we also have a "Christmas Counter Downer" to help the kids count down the days and get excited for Christmas.  Within each door is a felt ornament and piece of candy. 
 The kids take turns opening up a door and choosing a carol to sing. 

 They eat their candy and place their ornament on the advent tree then push the star at the top that plays "Jingle Bells." 
 Each night while the "Jingle Bell" song plays the kids have a "tickle race" with Dad around the kitchen that usually ends in the kids get caught and tickled.  It is a little wild, but is a fun memory we all have of the "counter downer." 
As Christmas Eve comes to an end, the countdown will be over and the true celebration will begin.  Of course the kids are excited for Santa, but because we prepared they are also excited for Christmas.  This morning my daughter woke up bright and early excited for the Christmas celebration.  As we sat in the dark watching morning cartoons she said to me, "I can't stop thinking about Santa, stockings, Christmas trees, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus."   Kids will be kids and are always excited for Santa, but I am glad that we prepared and that even at a young age, my daughter understands that Christmas is more than just presents and Santa.  

Hope you all have a blessed day!

P.S.  For more info about the Advent book, visit their website at

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