Friday, March 2, 2012

Party Hats All Around!

Today is a kind of a big is Dr. Suess Birthday and boy are we ready to celebrate.  After 6 years of working in the schools, I missed celebrating this fun day and decided to carry on the tradition with my kids.  It is super fun and now that we had done it so often, both kids anticipate this day with much excitement.   
Even before they were old enough to truly understand, we had a party!  Here we are in 2008.  Look at that super tall "Cat in the Hat" strawberry cake.  It almost fell over when we cut it.  I think it was two white cakes stacked on each other with strawberry whipped cream in between the layers.     
 The party always include reading our favorite Dr. Suess books and playing a few games. Here we are in 2009.  
Now 2010. It is always a fun time with family (I love this picture of my Mom with the kids, it truly represents who she was...a great mother and a grandmother who loved to be surrounded by her "kids").  Good thing we have cousins nearby to celebrate with us.  Hey do you notice a reoccurring staple of our Dr. Suess party?  Of course the "Cat in the Hat" hats!     
 And what would a Dr. Suess party be without green eggs and ham?
 This year our party is a little more low key, but are ready for big day of fun none the less.  Since IHOP has a special "Lorax" breakfast and "Trufula tree" pancakes, we will be headed there for a fun lunch.  Afterwards, we plan to catch "The Lorax" movie.  Check out the fun snack I made to sneak into the movie theater.  Green Eggs and Ham!  These are so easy to make.  Simply take two pretzel sticks and melt a white chocolate wafer on top.  I put them in a warm oven, 235 degrees for about two minutes, then press a green m&m on top.  Let them cool and package up for a fitting Dr. Suess snack.   

And what about those party hats?  Of course we are going to be bringing them and proudly wearing them at our Dr. Suess outing.  We are who we are and thanks to Dr. Suess we don't to need to "mind" those who don't "matter". 

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess! 
Thanks for all the enjoyment you bring to my family and me. 
Your rhymes are by far the best I can see. 
And your words encourage me to be who I be.

We love you...even though we (or at least Mom) need more practice with our rhymes.