Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun with Felt

Today was a great day to play with felt.  In preparation for my daughter's Tangled birthday party we made some cute hair clips and a headband.  Additionally we made some fun Flynn Rider belts for the boys who will be attending the party. 

With the wind blowing through her hair, my daughter felt just like Rapunzel.  
 I saw these fun hair ties on the Disney Family website and decided I wanted to create similar clips for my daughter's Tangled party.   Here are the steps I took to make these adorable rosebud hair clips. 

Supplied needed;
- Hair clips or Head band (I purchase mine at Micheal's)
- Felt strips cut 1 x 5 inches (3 per clip)
- Felt leaves cut per template found at Disney Family (2 per clip)
- 3 strips of Ribbon cut approximately 18-24 inches.
- Hot Glue Gun
 1.  Fold felt strip in half and glue together. 
 2.  Start to tightly roll felt strip up, glue as you roll to hold rose bud together.  Be careful not to burn your fingers. 
 Display with folded side up.  Don't all those little roses look cute and whimsical? 
 3.  Glue three ribbons on the clip as desired. 
4.  Glue leaves on top of ribbon. 
5.  Glue three rose buds together to form a cluster, then glue cluster on top of leaves. 
 **If you are making a head band.  Cut an oval out of the felt and glue around the head band in  the desired location.  This makes for a sturdier base to glue all the parts onto.  
The hair clip is so cute.  Think the girls will feel just like princesses wearing these. 
 The headband is cute too and perfect for the birthday girl. 
 There will also be several little boys at the party, so not to leave them out or embarrass them with hair clips, we made a very simple Flynn Rider belt. 
-Dark Brown Felt from a ream
-Tan Squares of felt (cut 3 x 4 inch rectangles with a 2 x 3 inch rectangle cut out of the middle)
-Hot Glue Gun

1. Cut 2 1/2 inch strips of brown felt for  belt.  Cut in half or to desired length.
2. Cut a point on the right end of the strip. 
2.  Cut out belt buckles from tan felt.    
 3.  Place 3-5 inch strip of hard Velcro (not the soft side) on the left hand side of the belt.  There is no need to attach the soft strip of Velcro.  It will adhere to the felt on it's own.
4.  Glue the belt buckle approximately 4-6 inches from the pointed end of the belt (i.e. right side).
 Such an easy and cute belt.  Perfect for any young Flynn Rider. 
We are all eagerly awaiting the fun Tangled/Rapunzel party and will post more of the festivities next week. 


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