Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mamma Mia!

Another birthday has come and gone and our children seem to keep growing faster and faster.  

This party was a fun Mario Kart Racing Theme Party.  The cake table turned out cute with a Mario Cupcake Cake,  racing flags and "brick" wrapped juice boxes.  The house was decorated with racing flags, gold coins (yellow paper plates), green paper pipes, paper stars, paper mushrooms, and paper brick squares to look like a "Super Mario Brothers World."
  About 150 mini-cupcakes created this fun Pinterest inspired Mario cake.
 I was worried I would go a little crazy making so many cupcakes.  Thanks to my William and Sonoma pancake "squirter" making the cupcakes was a cinch and not too messy.
 As the party started the kids need to prepare for the big race.  First they had to earn their mustaches like Mario by trying their best to pin the mustache on Mario.  
Everyone did a good job!
Second the kids practiced racing jumps with a hot wheel ramp.
 Unfortunately the racing track was infested with Goombas.  The kids had to kick, pop and get rid of them, so the track would be ready for the race.
 Lastly before the big race the kids had to break open the "Chain Dog"  so he wouldn't get them during the race.  Luckily there was candy in him.  
 We finally made it the big race.  Using "hippity hoppities"  the kids race around an indoor obstacle course.  It was a great race and a great party.  


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