Friday, August 9, 2013

Just a Few Reasons Love Studio J.....

Have I told you before that I love Studio J?!?   Okay, I know I have, but I do.  Close to My Heart's online scrapbook program Studio J is the best and so user friendly.   

Recently I created a series of layouts for our family reunion celebrating my Grandparent's 70th Wedding Anniversary. We created a scrapbook of memories, stories and pictures from everyone in the family.  Here are the layouts I created for our family with several reason why I chose Studio J over all other digital scrapbooking programs.  Please click on each photo if you wish to see the layout more closely.   

1. First of all, Studio J has a huge selection of current and retired CTMH papers to choose from.  As well as exclusive papers you can only find on Studio J.  I used the retired Mayberry papers to create our pages.  
2. Studio J is not just for current photos taken with digital cameras.  It accepted and printed beautifully all the old photos I had.  I love how nice the old picture of my Grandparents on the 1st pages looks.  In addition to old photos, you could also scan children's drawings/artwork and add jpegs from the internet. 
 3.  I love the additional "Stickese" embellishments Studio J has to spruce up any layout.  How about that simple stitch around the boarder as well?   
 4.  It was easy to make sure each page coordinates with next using Studio J.  When creating an album with the same paper, Studio J allows you to have several layouts in a file where you can view individual thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.  Try it out to see what I mean.  
 5. Studio J now allows to you to add additional photo wells to your layouts.  That way you can add all the photos you need and personalize your layout just the way you want.  I added an extra photo to the layout below to make it just right.  Can you tell which one was added?  
 6.  I love the "Quick Title Tool"  that allows me to create titles specific to each layout.  I used the quick title tool to write Grandma and combined it with some journaling to create the perfect title.  
 7.  As well as photos, Studio J also allows you to add as many jounaling boxes as you need.  When trying to incorporate 70 memories, this came in very handy.

 8.  I love using the toggle embellishments that are automatically added to each layout you create.  You can turn them off, or use them.  I like to see them as use them as a guide for my stickease and embellishments.  
 9. Have I told you about the stickease stickers?  I know I talk about them a lot, but they are great and can easily be edited and manipulated.  See the balloon in the layout below.  I made it using the bottom of a pear and added some banners to make it look realistic. 
 10.  As you can see you can create beautiful pages using Studio J, but what makes it even better is that you can make more than one copy of each layout.  If I would have made these pages traditionally, my Grandparents would have gotten the only copy.  Using Studio J, each one my siblings can now have a copy of the layouts and the snippet of memories we put together to honor our grandparents.  Recreating these pages traditionally would take hours, with Studio J it takes just a few clicks of the mouse to order more copies.    
Studio J is every bit as rewarding as traditional scrapbooking.  Give it a try here.  

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