Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Wanted to share one of my recent Studio J layouts and a fun idea for a summer science experiment.  Earlier this summer, the kids and I "grew" butterflies.  It was a great experiment and so fun for the kids to watch them grow from tiny caterpillars to butterflies.  It happened so quickly that the kids didn't loose interest and were so excited when the butterflies finally emerged from their chrysalis'. 
 Unfortunately, my camera broke mid-butterfly growing and I had to make due with a cheap disposable camera.  You can definitely tell the difference between the "good" digital pictures and those taken on the disposable camera.  Even though my pictures weren't perfect, I still wanted to make a layout to document this fun experiment and to remember the fun we had studying them.  The point being, even with bad pictures, the layout still looks good and will be fun to look back on regardless.  I have enjoyed Studio J, because it has allowed me to scrap and document memories immediately.  My journaling has more detail and contains fun antidotes that I might not remember if I waited.   


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