Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Tell a Story

I have told you enough how much I love Studio J, well I do!  This week's  Heart 2 Heart challenge gave me yet another chance to tell you.  The challenge was to create a layout and share a layout that tells a story.  Studio J is so convienet and easy it allows me to document and tell all sorts or stories that I probably wouldn't have in the past.  Here are a just few examples of how you can use Studio J to tell a story. 

1.  Capture the ordinary in a layout.  Daily activities are great memories to preserve.  Yes it is fun to scrap pages for birthdays, holidays and special occasions, but sometimes the ordinary can turn into a special momento to help you reminince. 

This layout is one of my favorites.  I have shared it previously but I love how my daughter's pink shirt just pops with these beautiful but subtle Sonoma Papers.  I was inspired one day while my kids were wrestling in the yard to create a layout of just that, the kids playing.  This is something they do a lot and really is not that out of the ordinary.  I took a few pictures and then later that evening I was able to create this layout and journal about what good friends they are.  I love the embellisment clusters and the simple photo layout.  It is perfect to capture a brief moment in our family history that I might otherwise would have forgotten.        
 2.  Document a Daily Routine in a Layout.  Daily routines my children once had are also fun to document and write about.  It helps to remind of of who they were when they were so tiny. 

3.  Use quotations as a title.  I love to use actual quotes for titles as a reminder of sweeter times that our little one has now out grown.  Quotes help to create the theme of the page and give directions for pictures to use in your layout. 

This layout shows how my daughter use to run in the morning get the newspaper with Daddy, yelling "wait for me!"  Now that she is few years olders, she no longer rushes to help her Dad in the morning.  It is something I think both her Dad and I miss.  I am glad we have this layout.   
 4.  Document moments in History.  Not that this is a huge history making moment, but the snowfall we had in 2008 where is snowed over 100 inches in the month of December is definately a fun memory and fact to add to any scrapbook. 
Other than special occasions, what are your favorite pages to scrap about?  Leave a comment letting me know.  Excited to hear your ideas!


Anonymous said...

You are a pro with Studio J! Nicely done! :-)

Amy said...

I love scrapping about the everyday especially those little trends that may soon be forgotten. I have scrapped pages of my kids Webkinz animals, Heely skate shoes & Blongo Ball yard game.

Haley D. said...

Thanks so much for sharing so many stories (and great tips) with us at H2H!

Creatique Candy said...

Incredible advice on the lay-outs and I adore your story. Thank you so much for sharing!

Melanie said...

Great layout. Love Studio J and you do such great work with it. Thanks for sharing