Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Despite the snowy weather we had this week spring still came and we had to celebrate in some way.  R. was in charge of snack at preschool this week, so we created some fun butterfly clips to hold a bag of snacks.  They were really easy and fun to make.  

1.  R. painted and decorated clothespins for the butterfly bodies.  
2. Next she adhered two googly eyes.  They look kind of goofy, but cute.
 3. I filled a snack size bag with goldfish on one side and grapes on the other, leaving some space in the middle to clip the clothespin.  After attaching the clothespin, I bent and twisted half of a pipe cleaner an inserted in the top of the clothespin for the antennae. 
We were happy with how cute they turned out and R. was proud to bring them to school.  Thanks for the idea!  Now if the outside would just match the calendar.  I did notice a few crocuses peeping through the ground today.  Spring should be here soon!

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