Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Fun

Yesterday, the kids and I finished our preparations for Father's Day and started the celebration a little bit early.  We surprised Dad with some fun BBQ cupcakes inspired by Disney's Family Fun.  They were so easy and turned out cute.  We simply used Orange sprinkles, Chocolate Frosting, Hot Tamales, Caramels, Dot candies, black decorating gel and toothpicks to decorate the cupcakes.  The kids loved making the candy kabobs and thought the Hot Tamale's looked exactly like hot dogs.  It was a fun morning project.       
 **It should be noted that these cupcakes do not last when stored in a plastic container, both the candy and the chocolate frosting started to melt and fall off, so these really only looked good for about a day.

We also made Medals to award Dad.
 The kids decorated a trophy or ribbon printable with a special award for Dad.
 They then strung some different colored Cheerios on some yarn to complete the project.
 Finished and ready to be presented to Dad in the morning.  
 Lastly we glued together 2 plastic cups, strung a pipe cleaner between the two to create a handle and decorated with foamies.  When filled with Dad's and Papa's favorite candy it will be a great trophy to give.
We all look forward to celebrating our Dads tomorrow.  Part of the fun is the preparation and the excitement of giving Dad something special made just for him.  Thankfully our Dad does not follow this blog, so he won't see the treasures he has coming to him tomorrow.

Enjoy your day and don't forget those special men in our lives that love, support and give all they have to us.


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