Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mission OWH 2012

ATTENTION:  Mission OWH 2012 is underway.  Please join me this summer as I organize my 1st Annual Operation Write Home Service Project.  Operation Write Home is a organization that sends blank hand made cards to troops serving our country over seas, so that they may correspond and write home to loved ones.  

This summer I hope to collect and/or make at least 100 cards to send to our troops via Operation Write Home.  This seems like a huge project that I can't do alone.  There are several ways YOU can help me.
1. Attend my card making party, Thursday August 16 @ 7PM.  
2.  Create and send/drop off your own hand crafted cards.
3.  Host your own card making party.

1. I have been busy creating and designing several different cards for the OWH card making party in August.  Join in for a fun evening of stamping and card making.  There is no charge to you, I just need your wo"man" power to make and assemble the cards.  Should be a great night of crafting, chatting and doing good for others, you'll even be able to bring a few of your cards home if you would like.   I will be posting more details as the the date approaches.  Let me know if you would like to be a part of this gathering.

2. If you don't live in the Spokane area, or can't make to the card making party, but would like to add some of your own hand crafted cards to the bundle being shipped, let me know and we can arrange a way to get them to me/or for me to pick them up.  I would appreciate if you included envelopes, but it is not required, as I will provide them if needed.  There are some guidelines you would need to follow for the safety of the services men and women.  Check the official OWH website for more specifics/clarification, so that all your cards are accepted.  I hope you will be able to find time in your busy summer schedules to create a few extra cards to donate to this cause.  Think of if as a good way to use some of that old paper that you would hate to get rid of.  Any cards that are donated to me will be featured on my blog.     
3.  Lastly if would like to organize your own card party, you may either give me the cards you make to be shipped and prepared or you may ship them yourself.  For more info how to host your own party, see the Operation Write Home Website.  Share your party with me and I will make sure to share it here.  Would love to hear about all the fun.

Thank you for considering to help me out.  I look forward to reaching my goal and helping to serve the service men and women of the U.S.

Looking forward to a great summer project!  Let me know if you would like to help.


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