Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cake Pops Made Simple

I have always thought cake pops were super cute and fun, but have always been kind of grossed out by the thought of smashing cake into little balls.  I know most cakes now are made in cake pop pans, but for some reason can't get over the thought.  

I wanted to make easy cake pops for my daughter's birthday, but didn't want to buy a pan, roll the cake into balls (YUCK!) or spend a ton of time making them.  Here is a quick idea to create fun cake pops in 2 simple steps using simple "Ding Dong" like cakes.
1. After placing your cakes on your choice of wax paper or a cooling rack, drizzle them with your choice of colored chocolate.  I melted the chocolate in plastic bags and simply cut a corner off.  It was so easy with very little mess.  
 2.  Next give your cake a stick and you are ready to serve them however you choose.  
I wrapped them individually for my daughter to pass out for her birthday treat at school.  They were a huge hit!   

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